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 “Everyone-Only One”は当社の採用、人材開発、昇進昇格、キャリアアップなど様々な節目においても、毎日の働く環境においても、一人一人の「個」を大切にするスローガンです。




 “Everyone-Only One”で、いきいきと楽しんで働くことができる職場を作ります。


ピースマインド・イープ 代表取締役社長 荻原 英人


Diversity and Inclusion Statement
 Addressing personal needs of employees and creating workplace culture that respect differences is essential part of our core business. As an EAP company, we provide coaching to cope with one's characteristics.  JEAP Peacemind Inc. proudly announces that we welcome unique character differences among our members.
 Everyone- Only One, is our human solution principals and slogan.  When it comes to staff recruitment, skill development, and career development, we value individual's unique need. 

 We would like to accommodate to needs of individuals which may require special accommodation in order to create the best working condition for them. 'Special' can mean different things for different people. We will listen to individual voice of our members, make efforts to address their needs and facilitate the best resolution to accommodate their needs.  Our members are encouraged to speak up their needs which will be a starting point in order to create 'iki-iki' or vibrant workplace. 

 Everyone- Only One, we will try to create working environment where our members can work feeling engaged and feeling joy of work.


Hideto Ogiwara
President and Representative Director